Humble Beginnings:
On August 12, 2013, I (WhiteMayo399) started a YouTube channel (which is now defunct). The channel was full of random videos,
ranging from videos of my dog, to elevator videos (inspired by DieselDucy), to stop-motion films with my toy trains.
The channel was pretty good, but then in late 2015/early 2016 I took a different route, removed every
video and started over with a completely different subject in mind (which we do not speak of).
Later, I regretted the decision wholeheartedly. I tried to bring back the original charm, but I just couldn't. It was an impossible task.

2020, a Internet Oddysey:
Later 2018, I started the channel, ReviewDude (which is now WhiteMayo399). I was going to review
basically anything. It could be tech, it could be food, it could be a movie.
Anything that could be reviewed was (going) to be reviewed by me. I later forgot all about that channel.
Fast-forward to 2020. COVID-19 has just struck the USA. Everyone is freaking out and buying toilet paper.
I'm doing online school at the time, and I remembered the ReviewDude channel.
I checked on it, and saw I had reached 420 views total! The meme-loving human inside of me decided to make a video about that.
After that video I decided I want to bring back my original channel's philosophy:
"Make videos of anything you want. Do not have a set subject. The sky is the limit."
I started with an introduction video of me (with long hair at the time) sitting in front of a green screen
looking like I was in outer-space. Of course I left the stock image company watermark on the background
for comedic effect. I said that I would not be doing review videos
anymore (we'll see how that went). Next I made a video of me
taking a stroll down by the neighborhood ditch while talking about COVID-19. I made a video for my science
class talking about COVID. I did more random videos, and voila! That was the birth of WhiteMayo399.

What  The Heck  Does Your Name Mean?!
Basically, my name is making fun of me being extremely pale.
At one of the schools I used to attend, there were some
kids being rude and they started calling me "Mayo", which
sounds somewhat like my real name. I took that
name calling as a grain of salt, and later when I transferred schools,
they had another student with my same name, so
I started going by Mayo full-time. The "White" part comes from my paleness, just like the
"Mayo" part. The "399" is just a random string of numbers I pulled from my mind.

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