Some of you may know, some may not, but I LOVE synthesizers and electronic music insrtuments. I got my first electric keyboard at the age of 6, a Casio CT-670 that had been my great-grandfather's. A few months later for my 7th birthday I got a Yamaha PSR-293. It was a game changer in my life and that is when I really started my musical journey.

    Fast-forward to summer of 2019, June to be specific. It was my brithday, and I had a boat-load of birthday money, and I decided I would buy a synth I had been staring at on eBay for a while: the Alesis Quadrasynth S4 rack-mount synth, which was first released in 1995. My unit has a sticker on the bottom stating that it was built on September 15, 1996. As you'd expect, I purchased it, it came in the mail a week later, and I have been on that thing since.

In November of 2019, I received a Roland RD-300 GX stage keyboard that my local church was getting rid of. I use this mainly as a MIDI controller.

On Christmas of 2019 I received my first analog (and only so far) synthesizer: the Arturia MiniBrute 2. I nicknamed my unit "MiniBert", after the muppet on Sesame Street. This is my 2nd favorite item in my synth collection.

Skip two days later to December 27, 2019. It was 2 days after Christmas, and I had even more money. About $300 dollars to be exact. I hopped on eBay yet again to buy another synth I had my eyes on: the Roland JV-1080, which was first released in 1994. I bought it all the way from Japan! It arrived in early February of 2020. My JV-1080 is my absolute favorite synth I own and probably ever will own, because it is so diverse with its sounds.

On January 30, 2020, right before COVID-19 his the United States and the rest of our dear planet, I purchased a Roland SR-JV80-02 expansion board for my JV-1080. This is the Orchestral sound card. I have it installed in my JV-1080 and haven't removed it since. I own no other expansion cards.

In June 2020, after my birthday passed, I had money (again, what a surprise). This time instead of buying a synth, I bought an Alesis MultiMix 8-USB mixer with a USB interface, a SE V7 microphone, Ableton Live 10 Intro, and some Samson headphones. I now had a mini studio in my home.

Now in October of 2020 (when this was written), I want to share my synthesizer collection with you and the world. So without further ado, scroll down for some images and audio samples!

The following Demo Tracks are recorded

from my synth units.

Alesis S4 Demo:

Roland JV-1080 Demo - "Rise":

Roland JV-1080 Demo - "1080 Rave":

Roland JV-1080 Demo - "Storm Warning":

Song by me, Mayo - "S4 Experiment 1 (Made on my Alesis S4)":

Song by me, Mayo - "S4 Experiment 2 (Made on my Alesis S4)":

Song by me, Mayo - "S4 Experiment 3 (Made on my Alesis S4)":

My JV-1080 (bottom) and Alesis S4 (top):

My Arturia MiniBrute 2 (MiniBert):

My Grandfather's Casio CT-670:

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